3 Things Karma Has Been Trying to Tell You (Even Though You’ve Ignored the Signs)

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It’s been a rough road. Random bouts of bad luck have been a thorn in your side these past couple weeks.

Your wallet was stolen because you were distracted at the supermarket parking lot.

Or your high blood pressure is out of control because you simply forgot to take your meds.

Whatever it is. Is it payback? Because of obvious wrongdoings you’ve committed? Or are they simply can-happen-to-anyone type of occurrences?

Maybe you believe in 100% science only and you don’t believe in karma.

Or alternatively you believe in science, BUT you also have an open mind and believe there’s phenomena beyond our comprehension that can’t logically be explained.

Chances are you probably believe the latter.

You hear the word karma a lot, but do you know what it really means?

Karma isn’t a catch phrase you recite to invoke a curse on someone who’s wronged you. It’s also not something so cut and dry.

There are varying points of view out there and not everyone will agree.

One thing’s for certain though. No matter what position you take, there’s absolutely no denying the wisdom we can learn from karma.

1. Realize Your Actions Dictate Life Lessons

If life were a farm, you’d be the farmer. Neglect everything and face sporadic weeds and failed crops. Do it right and enjoy a bountiful harvest. It’s up to you to figure out mistakes you’ve made and plant good seeds from the get-go.

Karma Means Action

It’s in flux every single moment you do something to others or yourself. Therefore you have the potential to gain insight from each of your actions.

Karma can obviously be instantaneous.

Duh! If you’re shoplifting at a heavily surveilled electronics store or assaulting a police officer. You’ll face the consequences.

Karma can also be subtle.

It doesn’t necessarily have to transpire in a particular order. There’s no set time for karma to play out. You won’t even notice it happened unless you connect the dots.

Ever have something stolen from you? Like your wallet or anything of value? You felt encroached upon and disrespected. Right?

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Perhaps you were stealing as well? “What me steal? That’s impossible! I’ve never stolen anything in my life!” you retort.

Keep an open mind and think carefully. Let’s say sometime in the past you’ve arrived half an hour late to work everyday for a few months.

Your boss continued to pay you for full 8-hour days.

You figured since no supervisor was present in the morning, no one would find out you’re late. You knowingly submitted your timesheet without calculating any time deficit.

In a nutshell, you basically stole money you didn’t earn.

In the end, you got back what you put in.

But more specifically, you know now what it feels like to be at the receiving end of your exploits.

Karma Can Continue Indefinitely

Karma doesn’t have to be experienced in a single lifetime. It doesn’t stop with the life you’re living now.

In other words: If you don’t fulfill your karmic debt in this lifetime, you can experience it in another.

This is where Reincarnation comes in. It’s a subject that deserves its own time and day to explain. Suffice it to say, our soul lives forever. For the uninitiated, it sounds absolutely crazy.

But research on the subject of Past Life Regression points to one thing: We have all lived and will continue to live different lives.

If an individual is a racist in this life, guess who they’ll be in another life?

Yup, they’ll eventually become that very person they were racist against. It’s part of our soul’s journey to learn from different scenarios…to see it from different backgrounds…from ALL points of view.

So if you’re experiencing bad karma now and not know the reason why, it could be from a past life.

Any sufferings you come up against are due to choices you’ve made in this life or previous lifetimes.

2. Lovingly Embrace What You’re Already Resisting

Sometimes you ignore crucial signs that are supposed to guide you on the correct path. Or you wish to escape certain uncomfortable situations.

Important Messages Are Trying To Reach You

Let’s say someone sent an urgent message to you by email. And it’s imperative you read it ASAP. There’s just one caveat.

They’ll keep sending that same email over and over until you open that message. And no, you can’t mark it as spam either!

Karma mimics that pattern. The same consequences or events will keep resurfacing until you acknowledge, experience, or resolve them.

Brushing it off simply as nothing, merely prolongs your situation.

Valuable Lessons Await You

If someone is constantly irritating to you, it means class is in session and you’ve got homework to do. Unless you truly work on yourself, they’ll keep annoying you.

Sure, you could literally move away to another town. But then again, there will always be someone else that’ll take their place. Thus, your irritation will continue.

Until you discover how to open your heart and show loving acceptance.

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High blood pressure is another perfect example. “Huh, how can that be karma?!” you ask.

You need to realize you’re still hurting someone, yourself. High sugar intake, deep-fried foods, stress and smoking are big time contributors for high blood pressure.

Take this danger sign as your cue to eat healthy, remove junk food, throw out cigarettes and practice relaxation techniques. Yet some of us turn a blind eye to those alternatives.

Vital warning signs are constantly asking you. In fact begging you! To stop hurting yourself.

Examine obsolete thoughts, beliefs, or lazy patterns of behavior. Create a new plan to overhaul destructive habits.

Is temptation leading you in the wrong direction? Or are you doing the right thing? Showing compassion and forgiveness to yourself? Navigating your own life thoughtfully?

The true value of something is a result of the energy and intent you put into it.

3. Pay Back Good Karma & Surrender to Bad Karma

Knowing how to process karma is literally the bread and butter of personal growth. This is what separates the wise from the foolish.

There’s Good Karma in All of Us

You miss your daughter. So you’re visiting her on your day off. There’s a storm coming and you parked three blocks away in her crowded neighborhood.

You’re daughter sees your predicament, snatches your keys and tells you she’ll park your car closer.

Later in the evening you both say your goodbyes. After you drive off in the rain. You do a double-take after a quick glance at the dashboard. You’re pleasantly surprised.

You notice your gas tank is full! You realize she filled up the tank without telling you.

You no longer have to look for a gas station in the rain on your long drive home. That’s the feeling of positive karma.

She’s paying back the karma she experienced when you did the exact same thing for her in the past.

These small acts of kindness you initially give out can come back when you least expect them.

Bad Karma is an Absolute Necessity

It’s not what we want to hear. Be it emotional or physical, pain is a necessity whether we like it or not.

Experiencing painful karma is viewing life from someone else’s point of view.

We usually push pain away and understandably so. But pain is a message in disguise. You must find out what it’s telling you.

We need some type of struggle in life to evolve.

Maturing and growing from tough predicaments or rising above bad life choices we’ve made.

Think of it. The most important things you believe and fight for in life may be the very same things you have first-hand experience of.

If you’ve been bullied, you’ll most likely be a big proponent against bullies.

Or if your home was affected by a destructive fire, you’ll most likely spread the word about volunteering or sending donations to help others in need.

Allowing Others To Learn Lessons

If anyone has displayed incivility toward you in any way, it’s best not to wish any harm or seek vengeful strikes of karma against them.

Doing so will lower your frequency. No need to stoop to their level.

In fact, don’t interfere. Let go of any bad thoughts. Sometimes they need to walk a dark path in order to see the light.

Whomever has crossed the line will face what they need to experience in their own way…in their own time…that’s unique to their learning experience.

Because remember, it’s not us who dictates what they need to learn. It’s themselves.

Starting Now…Become More Mindful of Your Actions

Where you’re at in life. At this very moment right now.

Is the result of ALL your actions from the past (or past lives for that matter) that have led to this very moment.

Life has unfolded exactly to plan whether you’re mindful as well as not mindful. Due to the law of karma. There will always be balance.

I hope you consider thinking about these points and implementing them in your life.

See yourself being more cognizant everyday of your life. Making a conscious effort to notice EVERYTHING you do.

You’re taking full accountability for your actions.

You don’t have to disregard karma as nonsensical woo-woo. But as a real tool. Even if your point of view on karma varies from mine, these ideas can still help guide and keep you on the correct path for your life’s journey.

One thing’s for sure, you’ll have more empathy, be more thoughtful toward others, become more appreciative of the many blessings we don’t notice.

Most importantly, you’ll strengthen your moral compass and build more character as a human being.

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