How To Not Go Insane (Even If You’re Overworked and Won’t Meet Any of Your Deadlines)

Woman stressed out with work

There’s a deadline fast approaching.

You’re panicking and breathing shallow. Your sweaty armpits, appearing through your shirt, are signaling the end is near.

But you’re only halfway done and there’s no time left.

You remember glancing at that Mount Everest stack of paperwork this morning and realized…it eats hardworking people like you for breakfast.

Working through your breaks and launching yourself into overdrive didn’t put a dent in it.

Your workload looks almost the same size as it did when you first started.

You’re frustrated and ready to give up.

And your sloth-like co-worker can’t seem to carry his own weight. Much to your dismay, management assigns half his work to you no matter how many veins you’ve burst on your forehead.

The work needs to get done. Period.

But they really don’t give a damn about how you feel. Or if you’re stressed beyond belief.

Ask yourself, “Can I really endure this daily torture until the end of days?” Of course not. So you instinctively feel like quitting on the spot.

But not so fast. You seriously need the health benefits. So you reluctantly stay and keep the ball and chain.

Here are some ways to hold on to what’s left of your sanity in this mad mad world.

It’s OK to Put Your Hands Up and Surrender

When things don’t go your way after the point of no return, there’s no use wasting energy trying to control everything.

Forcing an outcome when it’s too late is fruitless.

There’s nothing you can do. You can’t use mind power to force co-workers to do your bidding. Nor slow down time. At least not on this planet as we currently know it.

You can however let go of critical thinking. So realize this…

You are exactly where you want to be. Yep, even in situations that don’t appear in your favor.

“What-Why?” You ask.

Because embracing failure wholeheartedly is just as important as achieving success. It may be an uphill battle at times.

But learning that hard-earned skill, regardless of who’s at fault and without recompense, is part of spiritual growth.

We already know failure makes you better by learning from mistakes.

But it also humbles you, teaches you to overcome your fear of failing, and helps develop gratitude for unrecognized blessings you’ve received.

Release the reins and take a breather. Learn to fight another day.

Surrender, relax, and allow the universe to bestow balance in your life.

Please Stop Beating Yourself Up

You’ve heard this a gazillion times. I know I know.

But for a very good reason.

It’s because the first thing you instinctively do repeatedly when you fail is inwardly attack yourself. No matter how many times you’re warned not to.

“Damn! I didn’t finish on time. Most of my submitted work is wrong. You’re completely inept and everyone thinks you’re incompetent!” Yelling silently in your head.

If there’s one thing you should never do. It’s berate yourself.

Blaming yourself (or anyone else for that matter) makes you weaker, not stronger.

This lowers your frequency.

Like attracts like. Lowering your frequency perpetuates a negative state. Conversely, increasing your frequency attracts positive energy.

So let’s increase it.

Ask this question: Did I do my absolute best, even though I fell short of the mark? If yes, then be happy with yourself. Why? Because giving your best is the only thing that counts.

There’s nothing else to prove.

Regardless of unsatisfactory results from work, love and praise yourself for your tireless effort.

That’s what truly matters.

Achieve Emptiness (It’s Not What You Think)

Nope, I’m not talking about becoming depressed or alone inside.

I’m talking about what countless meditators do. There are literally volumes written about emptiness and many interpretations on the subject but I’ve distilled it down from my point of view.

Picture yourself as an empty clear wine glass. Except there is no bottom. So anything that flows in through the top would simply flow back out the bottom.

Let’s pretend something bad happened at work and this caused a bad experience for you.

This bad experience flows through you and unwillingly gets stuck inside your glass.

Over time, you start collecting different experiences from work or life. In no time at all, you accumulate a remarkable amount of baggage.

Thus the next time an unfortunate situation arises in your life, it triggers anger. However, your anger is not fully caused by stimulus from that moment.

But rather, you’re merely reacting to whatever similar experience remained dormant in your glass from the past.

The meaning of this lesson: In order to not react to anything, your glass needs to be crystal clear with nothing stuck to it.

Become mindful when unfavorable experiences begin to flow into you. If so, then visualize it effortlessly flowing back out of you. Not letting anything stick inside your glass.

If you’re able to take a few moments to calm the mind and achieve emptiness anytime you encounter a bad experience…

You’ll essentially become invincible.

Because nothing would bother you.

Permit Yourself To Release Pent-Up Pressures and Freely Move Forward

Your job can cast a spell that sometimes seems impossible to snap yourself out of.

As if you’re programmed to always blame yourself, thinking it’s always your fault for not getting the work done on time.

And always feel this massive weight on your shoulders.

Until you take a stand. And decide you don’t have to take this anymore.

I lovingly hope you explore these ideas the next time you’re shackled in your cubicle.

If you choose to give it a try, you may be pleasantly surprised it helped you from completely imploding. Even a partial implosion is better than a full one.

Imagine the next time you’re overworked with these do-or-die deadlines again. You can step back, detach yourself and restore your composure.

It’s about time you stop being so tough on yourself, accept the situation for what it is and most importantly…

Give yourself some grace.

How wonderful would that be.

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