How to Stop Stressing About What Other People Think

You’re sick of it. Other people judging you. You feel their eyes penetrating the back of your head when you turn the other way.

Perhaps you’re trying to act a certain way to fit in so you don’t embarrass yourself.

You’re conscious of the what image you’re trying to convey. Though slightly unnatural, you feel somewhat on the right track.

But at what expense?

There’s nothing wrong with trying to be your best, but ponder this question:

Are you truly doing this for yourself or are you trying to project an image to impress or fit in with others?

If this is authentically you and you’re not straying away from what you are in your heart’s heart, then you’re fine. But if you feel like you’re part of a facade, read on.

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You Are The Most Unique Person In The World

We subconsciously use others as a mirror to gauge our progress. How can someone that isn’t us, that doesn’t walk in our shoes dictate how we should perform in life? Maybe they do, albeit indirectly.

Sometimes, people don’t have to say single word to judge you. It could be just body language that says it all. It could be just a scoff, or a look in their eye, or even awkward silence.

But no matter. You’ll no longer give awareness to such negativity.

If you’re altering your authentic self and fed up with it all, it’s time to stop the charade.

When we appease others, we’re living their life instead.

If you want people to love you, you want them to adore the real you. Be your beautiful self and you’ll naturally attract like-minded individuals who’ll love you for you.

If they don’t, stick to your guns anyway. It’s their problem, not yours. Let it go and realize you don’t need their approval.

Let’s look at a few ideas on how to remain legitimately you:

Don’t Apologize For Who You Are

Simple, right? Because it is. You designed yourself from the ground up. You know what makes you tick. So why do we stress what others think?

Well, simply because we love feeling accepted. When we please others, it feels good. We don’t like to be ridiculed or pushed to the side like bitter vegetables on your plate.

We don’t desire criticism from people yapping at us. We grow increasingly uncomfortable when people start rumors behind our back.

But what can you do to stop the insanity? Well for starters, if others sit elevated on their diamond encrusted throne and dress you down, be the wise one and send love their way instead.

Well, why? Because what you give out, you get back. Karma is more real than you can imagine.

Sending positive energy despite people’s feelings about you is taking the high road.

You are the most delightful person in the world with your own identity, values, traits, and ideas. People have different backgrounds and different experiences with different paths in their own lives.

Just make sure no one subconsciously reprograms you like a robot. They may make some suggestions here or there. But know it’s themselves that need to back off. Unless of course you’re asking for advice.

You don’t have to feel like your violating someone’s internal checklist when you walk into the room.

Whatever vernacular you use. Whatever clothes you wear. Whatever quirks you have. Be proud. Be very proud.

Mentally Cut Your Cords and Let It All Go

Whether you realize it or not, you’re attached to people energetically. Especially those you associate with very closely. Whether it be at home or your job.

You may not believe this to be true and may just attribute this as a coincidence. But at its most basic premise, you’re connected in some form or another to everyone you interact with. You’ve got these invisible cords that connect you to them.

So everything that other people think or feel — You’d feel this as well.

Which explains why you’re bothered so easily when the thought of someone you despise pops in your head.

It’s nice if it’s positive energy. You’ll reap the raised frequency from others that contribute to your-well being.

However, it also works with negative energy. If they’re overbearing or judgemental in some way, you’ll feel it. Even if you’re physically away from them at a distance. You can still anticipate the bad energy.

What’s one to do in this case? Well there is a mindful exercise you can perform.

A nice easy exercise to mentally do is to visually cut these cords. Visualize a bunch of those cords extending out from the front of your body to all the people you’ve crossed paths in your life.

Mentally gather these cords together with your physical hands. Take your time and bring them carefully into a bundle.

In your mind’s eye, grab them all with one hand and chop them a few times with the other as if you’re cutting through cables. Set your intention and say to yourself that you are disconnecting the cords.

This may seem crazy when you first think about it. But believe me, it’ll help you. This is actually part of what’s called Pranic Healing. But that’s another subject on it its own.

Cut your cords daily before going to bed and it may help you mentally “Let Go” of others people’s perceptions about you.

Be Okay Not Pleasing Everyone

This is no surprise. There are people who won’t like you. That’s just reality. Not that they hate anyone, but they just have issues with things they’re not accustomed to.

Remember that it’s okay to feel hurt by this. You don’t have to cover it up and pretend it’s not there. Deep down inside, feel what is needed to be felt. Do as needed, then send nothing but love back to the people that hurt you.

I know that’s tough. But the cycle of hate or resentment stops now. And beginning a path of love starts with us.

That’s how you increase your spiritual growth. Love and forgiveness is the medicine you give yourself.

Remember it’s their self-established roadblock, not yours. Some people will argue that the sky is not blue. It’s NOT your job to change someone’s mind. We must leave it be. Let them eventually find out their own truth at their own pace.

We get so attached to what people think towards us, it can downright alter how you go about your day.

Want to impress someone? Show them no one else’s negative opinion matters to you to function normally. They’ll see that you are your own person who knows themselves better than they do. 

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Be Proud With Whatever Situation You Have

Don’t panic when things don’t go right. In fact, it’s the perfect time to stop and relax.

When you’re doing your best but still don’t meet the expectations in the eyes of others, guess what? You’re in the right place. Your tough task is to embrace this reality instead of loathe it.

Well, what about the times you’re not trying your best and you fail? You’ve got to accept being human. We all have ups and downs. When we struggle, we must love ourselves even more.

We shouldn’t let our ego reprimand us.

You don’t have to have own a luxury car, work a highly-respected occupation, have an amazing home, own envious trophies or plaques, or go to a more well-known prestigious school to get recognition.

Feel deep gratitude and be extremely proud of yourself at this very moment. Be content with whatever you have at this time. You are fine where you are. You don’t have to create more stressful scenarios out of thin air.

This energy you’re sending out tells others you don’t need additional “stuff” to elevate your position. They’ll have a newfound respect for people who show appreciation for what they already have and not what they don’t have.

The more relaxed and content you can be without worrying what others think, the more you’re successful you can live your life.

Give yourself full love and acceptance no matter your current status.

Display Vulnerability Instead of Perfection

Trying to do everything perfectly is not the way to go about it. People actually connect with you better if you show your vulnerability, flaws and all.

Everyone in this entire world makes mistakes. Use that to your advantage. It’s not normal to be picture perfect.

The challenge perhaps is not embracing them and not letting people see you do them. If you relax the reigns a bit, you’ll have a lot less stress and enjoy life.

Growing begins the moment you stumble. You become more of a person when you fail. It is someone who constantly makes mistakes that learn the most.

Many folks will relate to you a whole lot better this way.

Remember: A real friend is someone who will love you for your imperfections rather than perfections. 

Stay On Your Path and Don’t Veer Off

Start making people adore you. Let them see how they can’t knock you off your own path.

Let them see your personality and funny mannerisms — As well as your own stumbling style. You’re no longer trying to fit a round peg in a square hole.

See yourself unfazed by other people’s perceptions. Send love and forgiveness to people who doubt you no matter what. You have no fear, remember…

Fear fears love, but Love loves fear.

The nice thing about this there is no real “work”. Be yourself and the rest will take of itself.

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