Ultimate Guide to Self-Love: 30 Simple Ways To Make You Feel Whole Again

Feeling down? I know the feeling. Something missing inside? Maybe your soul is malnourished. You try to take your mind off it. But binge watching your favorite tv show ain’t gonna fix it. It’ll just delay it.

First off, see yourself as the most beautiful person in the universe.

It’s normal to be frustrated. Your life’s not perfect. You take things too seriously, right? Or Maybe you do have everything but you don’t feel complete.

Perhaps you need a little help in your life? A little nudge.

No matter what you do to cheer yourself up, you feel like you’re still struggling in molasses.

It’s because you need to look in the right place. What if the answers you need are inside yourself all along.

Self-Love is just as important as eating and breathing yet we push ourselves into the red zone. Yet we let our souls starve.

Solution: You’ve got to learn how to love yourself.

If you don’t find the time to give your soul what it needs to grow, you’re not really living. You’ll find life harder to navigate. You’ll be moving against the grain making life tougher for you.

Let’s show you 30 ways to feed your soul to become whole again. If you have the urge to make your life more fulfilling, look no further. You’ve come to the right place.

#1. Help Others in Need

We’re all naturally hard-wired to do this at birth. It’s a natural instinct. Denying this is denying our true purpose here on Earth. You get to fulfill your soul in ways you cannot achieve any other way.

You have the ability to love others and feel good about it. Got this impulse? Act now. Lend a helping hand. You’re nurturing others and in return, nurturing yourself.

You could help them move, help teach someone a skill, give your time and energy for a good cause and whatnot. Become the miracle in someone else’s life.

When you love and help others, you are loving yourself in return.

Donate Items You Don’t Need

Just another alternative, albeit indirectly. Practice getting rid of any items you don’t need.

Donate a used vehicle or motorcycle for a charity in need.

What better way to rid your home of stuff sitting around in your garage to make more space available while raising the spirit of others. A win-win situation for all!

#2. Transform Your Mindset

A big mistake we all have is we think that thoughts are only abstract and have no substance.

Nothing could be further from the truth. That in itself is a dangerous perspective.

Your thoughts wield more power than you can possibly imagine. Where you bring your awareness, you also bring energy. So focus on what you want instead of what you don’t want.

Practice an optimistic attitude daily. Be mindful of your inner dialogue. The messages you tell yourself greatly influence and steer the direction for your life.

You literally are what you think. Become the awe-inspiring person you can be.

Stop Trying to Visualize Worst Case Scenarios

It’s ok to be cautious. I get it, that’s what protects us. However, a little goes a long way. Conversely, if you try to subconciously will the bad things out of every single situation, you are already practicing how to have a bad day.

Stop investing in negative outcomes. Don’t manifest trauma in your daily life.

Become a person who creates their wonderful day with purpose. Don’t be the one letting the wind take you any which way.

Take hold of your reigns for once.

You’ll be surprised how close you can get. All by shifting your thinking.

It can be a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you think this won’t work at all. You’ll achieve exactly that!

So stop the negativity by practicing daily. Keep envisioning your audacious outcome.

Get Rid of Ingrained Toxic Beliefs

Give yourself time to uproot all those “negative rules” ingrained in your head.

For example, let’s say you have high goals. But say to yourself, “I’ll never be like that!” or “That’s just way out of my grasp.” or “Only someone like this can obtain that.”

If you think like this, you’ve already crippled yourself before you’ve even had a chance to physically try.

Instead take baby steps to work on anything getting in the way to your true path. However, be graceful to yourself if you find yourself reverting back to the same perspective.

It’ll take time to undo those patterns. But keep at it.

The end result is worth your successful journey.

#3. Learn to Make Time for Essential things than Non-Essential Things

Gather your focus. Do what’s most important first thing before you do other non-important things. You’ll feel more productive if you block out time everyday to get your priorities done.

There is no such thing as not enough time. That’s just an excuse. You’ve most likely dedicated most of your time to non-essential stuff than essential.

Do you watch too much TV? Play too many video games? Be honest and give yourself a “Time” audit.

You can alway make more money — But you can’t always make more time. What are you spending your valuable time doing? Make a list of essential things to grow, to learn, to become a better more productive and fulfilling person you were meant to be.

Lower the non-essential list and allocate more time for the essential list.

Give yourself the satisfaction of optimizing your precious time wisely.

Do One Small Thing No Matter How Little Time You Have Everyday

If you unequivocally have zero time available in your day. You can still make progress. Yes, you can.

If you only have 10 minutes to spare. Then make a commitment for 10 minutes a day.

Chisel this rule inside your head right now:

No matter how little time you have…getting yourself to do it in the first place is THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP above all else. Even if you only have a few minutes a day.

Consistency is key no matter how big or small your progress appears.

Because you see, no matter how small your contribution, you’re still moving forward and chipping away at your goal. Get it?

That’s still considered progress my friend.

Allow it to compound over time and you will be leaps and bounds above someone doing absolutely nothing.

Please, never ever say that you don’t have enough time.

There are no more empty excuses!

#4. Know & Show Gratitude

There’s a million things to be grateful for and it really has nothing to do with anything materialistic.

Your goal: No matter what predicament you’re in, no matter what obstacles are in your way now, show gratitude for all things/situations occurring in your life.

“Oh Why?, even if my life is falling apart?” Well of course! Because that also is a gift.

Hard to believe, but it’s a chance to fix parts of you that need more understanding and love.

You do have the graceful power to control how you feel or not feel.

We need to realize that the less gratitude we show corresponds to more things/situations we take for granted.

And no, we are not trying to take things for granted on purpose. We just need to exercise our Gratitude muscle.

The more you take the time out of your day to acknowledge the small things we have everyday, the more your outlook on life improves exponentially.

When you truly look inside yourself, you’ll discover you already have everything you need.

All you need is a shift in your perspective.

Is your life really falling apart? Or are thankful for an opportunity that this learning experience will make you unbeatable?

You can either grow stronger or grow weaker. Choose one. If you choose to show gratitude no matter what, you’ll gloriously uplift yourself.

We take for granted the everyday stuff that’s right next to us. We turn a blind eye to them daily. But take the time to genuinely give thanks and you’ll rediscover how “wealthy” you really are.

#5. Find Out Which People Are Surrounding You

Are they energy vampires? Do they wear you out at the end of the day?

You could unknowingly be absorbing their toxic energy and bringing it home.

If you have no choice but to endure folks who mentally abuse you, try crossing your arms to “block” bad energy.

If you’re sitting, cross your legs as well. What you are doing is making your aura a smaller target.

Making it tougher for you to absorb other people’s malicious vibes.

Visualize yourself blocking bad energy being sent your way.

If you’re reading this far, then other people do affect you and your sick and tired of being affected by it.

Don’t knock it until you try it. You might just be amazed by this little trick.

Focus less on winning the approval of others

We’ve pretty much conditioned ourselves with this belief since childhood.

Sadly, it feels like we’ll never be free. Perhaps forever locked in someone else’s cage.

But work now on severing this attachment that subconsciously connects you to them.

As if there’s a leash on you forcefully leading you in directions you don’t want to go. You don’t need it.

It’s important to be yourself.

Focus on writing your story and walking your path, instead of modifying it to try to please someone else.

You are your own toughest judge and no one else. Don’t let anybody else take that from you. Period.

Take Back Your Power

Instead of viewing yourself as a victim, picture yourself as an authority figure.

Stand up for what you deeply believe in and embark on your own self-directed journey.

Be a leader in your own life instead of a follower.

Show Love to People Even if They Treated You Bad

Yes it’s possible, not impossible.

Your enemies can also be your best teachers…IF you allow it.

Start small and gradually build your forgiveness, empathy, time and love. You might not find it right away, but realize the challenges you struggle through make you build a powerful character for it.

This one is really tough. But work on it every chance you get and I guarantee you this — Those wrong-doers will learn lessons as well. And they wouldn’t even realize it!

In time, despite their blatant actions toward you, you still bestowed respect upon them.

In turn, they’ll subconsciously learn from your example and ultimately self-correct themselves. What better gift than to show someone a better path? Albeit indirectly.

Nope, you’re not really letting them walk over you. But rather, you’re setting a beautiful example by taking the high road. It’s not a fake act either.

It’s genuinely looking deep within yourself to authentically love another soul regardless of how many human mistakes they’ve made toward you.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

#6. Surround Yourself With Positive Vibes

When you’re in the company of positive individuals, it’s no secret you’ll feel your energy strengthen tenfold.

What about your location you’re in at the moment. Is it stagnant? Try some going somewhere else in the house. Or go to a totally different environment altogether, if possible.

Sometimes the stale energy could be dragging you down and you won’t know why.

Perhaps a different perspective on scenery is needed.

You can think better and you can accomplish more from those simple life hacks.

Evaluate What You’re Feeding Yourself

What’s on TV? What’s on the radio? What news sites are you reading?

If there’s one place to lower your frequency, it’s listening to negative news way too much.

Maybe you’re watching too many ghost or horror movies? If you must, do it sparingly.

You don’t want fear as your primary emotion. So how do you know what you primary emotion is?

What do you feel most of the time? Do you think of negative emotions or visualize negative outcomes all the time?

Are you afraid to walk in your dark hallway at night? Do you think you’ll fail at a test? Do you worry more that you think postive?

Sorry to say that’s fear and negativity ruling you.

Remember, like attracts like. Increase your frequency and enjoy life more.

But lower it, and you’ll attract less than desirable outcomes.

#7. Listen to Your Gut

Boundaries are set by your internal alarm system. If you feel something is not right, LISTEN TO IT!

Sometimes we don’t listen to that small voice inside. It’s always better to err on the side of caution than risk everything.

This one is self-explanatory except once in a blue moon, we ignore it.

Don’t go into that elevator by yourself. Don’t try that unfamiliar bottle of liquor. Don’t drive at night by yourself on that long road.

Its sole purpose is to protect and guide you. Be more in tune with that inner voice and you can connect better with your higher self.

Tune Into Your Body

Here’s some insight: Your body’s pain is trying to communicate with you.

I know that sounds weird to you. But it’s not so far fetched as it may seem. What pains or symptoms do you feel?

Your body is trying to tell you something. What keeps occurring time and time again? It’s just a matter of truly listening to your pains.

If you ignore the pain, it will exponentially get worse. Sometimes emotions are linked to pain. We hold onto emotions way too long or we don’t express ourselves.

When this happens, it can eventually turn into a pain somewhere on your body.

Now of course, you could be sore from exercising or falling on the ground. But sometimes you have unexplained symptoms that come out of nowhere.

Pains don’t manifest for no unknown reason. They have to come from somewhere.

So here’s the real kicker. They are coming from covered up emotions. “Huh, what?!” you ask with a puzzled look on your face.

For more on this, you may want to check out Bradley Nelson’s book “The Emotion Code” or Julia Cannon’s “Soul Speak”.

Suffice to say that, emotions or feelings that we don’t fully experience or ones that are kept deeply inside of us manifest into a pain or ailment on your body. Yes, they turn into some pain!

In my opinion, it’s pretty much the opposite of the placebo effect. But you have unaddressed emotions/beliefs that eventually cause a problem rather than remove a pain.

So, your best bet is prevention.

In other words, don’t hide your feelings. It’s best to express them. Don’t harbor ill-will to others. And by all means, learn to forgive and let it ALL go. Sometimes a release in emotion helps prevent pains from residing inside you.

#8. Do What You’ll Say You’ll Do

Follow through on your word. If you say you’ll do something, don’t stall yourself but do it. As well as increase trust from other folks who need you.

If you tell yourself you’ll exercise tomorrow morning but don’t follow through – You’re training yourself for procrastination.

You’re practicing NOT getting anything done.

Plan to Make Changes

If you’re not happy in life for whatever reason, make a plan and commitment to follow through with your “revisions” or “life upgrades”.

Do something each day or week to get through your plan for health.

For learning, for repairing a relationship, for transitioning to live in another country.

You get the point. Don’t be complacent. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Do it now while you’re still able to.

What are you waiting for?

Seek the Help You Need

Speak to a doctor, talk to a specialist, Take that one step towards your goal of wellness.

Whatever ailment you are experiencing right now, it’s notifying you to fix something now.

Yes, you may need to take medication to “hide” it.

I get it, it’s necessary and must be done. There are times when medication is the only answer. That’s a fact.

But it’s also your job to find the source that’s causing it. Drugs fix the symptoms but not the cause.

Do your homework. Research what you need to truly help you without just solely relying on medication.

What healthy choice habits can you take on to help fix the side effects from your prescriptions?

Make a Specific Game Plan to Quit a Destructive Habit

Alcohol, tobacco, and drugs lower your frequency. Especially if you do it several times per day.

Using an inhaler doesn’t mean you have a right to smoke. Taking high blood medication doesn’t mean you can eat at fast food all the time. Taking diabetes medication doesn’t mean you can eat as much chocolate as you wish.

But you’d be surprised how many folks still do this.

Try to eliminate one of those items gradually over time.

Make a schedule and a plan of attack. To love yourself, you’ll need to stop hurting yourself.

Nourish your Body with Healthy Choices

You’ve heard this a trillion times but it has to mentioned here. You’ve got to eat organic fruits and vegetables. Clean water.

Limit coffee, and sugary beverages. Limit meat, especially pork. Your frequency will rise.

Your demeanor will change and you won’t feel cranky all the time.

Being positive and meditating is a fantastic start. But put junk in your body and you’ll be off to a bad start.

#9. Go Out and Exercise

I know, we’ve heard this a gazillion times.

You don’t have to do anything strenuous. When we move, we allow the energy inside and outside our body to flow.

If we stay plastered on the couch, the energy stays trapped.

And with stagnant energy, our bodies can retain our anxiety or sadness.

Then it’s as if everything around us starts to mimic us.

Anything as simple as walking outside for a few minutes will do wonders.

Because if you can get things flowing once again.

Your life will flow as well.

Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash

#10. Have Fun By Yourself

Do something every day that makes you happy…alone.

Loosen up and laugh at the little things. It’s good to be goofy.

Say yes to adventure and get out of the house. Surprise yourself and say yes to something you’d normally say no to.

Whether you’re single, in a relationship, or married, a perfect way to cultivate a loving relationship with yourself is to periodically enjoy life by yourself.

You don’t have to rely on others all the time to humor or entertain you.

Learning to function completely isolated without the help of others all the time will strengthen you.

Find a Small Outlet of Playtime

I’m talking about playing a little basketball in your backyard, fiddling around with the piano.

Solving the Rubik’s cube. Playing some chess, pool, or air hockey. Whatever it may be, make a fun.

Give Yourself a Break

I shouldn’t be even listing this, but a lot of folks push themselves past into the red zone. If you have any kind of stress whatsoever. Nothing flows. Your brain is at a standstill.

Energy gets stuck with tension. But have full relaxation and calm and something beautiful happens. Thoughts starts to flow much more effortlessly.

The brain fog once there will dissipate and you won’t be stuck in a rut. Practice Self-Compassion.

Instead of being your toughest critic, go easy on yourself. Continue to forgive yourself along the way when things don’t go so perfectly.

#11. Find Out What You Love About Yourself

Give yourself a meaningful compliment. Why? Because you deserve to raise your spirits.

When was the last time you ever seriously praised yourself? Never? Once or twice? You should consider doing it.

Finding a positive trait about you helps realize what a beautiful person you’ve become.

Showing yourself self-love daily is a no-brainer.

Make a list of your accomplishments

Do this internally. Meaning don’t advertise this outside of yourself. This is just for you. You’d be surprised by the amount of mountains you’ve climbed both big and small.

You’re not doing this to inflate your ego but rather to show that you do make a difference in your life and others’ lives.

Sometimes you need to shine a light on the path you walked. So you can appreciate the distance you’ve travelled.

#12. Brag About Yourself In a Subdued Way (requires time and patience)

What do you mean by that? Keep all your accomplishments to yourself first. Though not forever of course. When someone (who knows you well) asks something about YOU in particular – That’s the ONLY time to let them know.

Once they ask, inform them on a need-to-know basis. The more they dig, the more you dish out. But ONLY if they ask.

Timing and a HUGE amount of patience is everything. Because you never know when anyone would ask you.

Believe it or not, it’ll be a pleasant surprise for them once you finally tell them. This works best with people you have gotten to know really well as a person, but are unfamiliar with your past hidden talents or achievements.

Let’s say, someone’s known you for 3 years and you’re both at a get-together. There happens to be a piano present and your co-worker asks, “I wish someone knew how to play.” You suggest you try and you give them an outstanding performance.

You should see the look on their faces when they discover your hidden talent.

If done the right way, it feels like they are opening a present on Christmas morning.

Plus you get to brag about yourself and people actually want to hear it!

#13. Make a Vision Board

What you set your eyes on each and everyday, you’ll subconsciously navigate to it.

Don’t worry about “The How”. Let that unfold as you gradually get there. Just focus on “The Result”.

Where you bring your awareness, you bring energy. So focus on what you want instead of what you don’t want.

But you also gotta also listen to your inner guidance. Sometimes you’ll be given subtle directions from the universe to go in a certain direction. Don’t ignore them or question them.

Sometimes a path you didn’t expect to travel through will actually lead to your destination.

#14. Dive into your passion.

What is it that piques your interest? What is it that causes you to stop what you are doing and do what you truly love What brings out your curiosity?

Make yourself feel like a kid again. Spend more time on it if it’s your true calling. Know your true purpose.

Can you truly do what you love and get paid for it? Or at least do it?

learn about your strengths. discover your passion. write down big career goals. Take one small step each day toward your dream career or true calling. Identify your what or why.

What makes you tick? Find out this question and you’ll make the shift to embodying self-love simply by being emotionally connected to your journey.

#15. Obtain Wisdom

There are practically millions of books out there will valuable knowledge. If you could spare just a few uninterrupted minutes to read a few pages of a book that interests you. Or if you have time, sign up for a new class.

Read Poetry or Inspirational Quotes

Little things like this can boost your mood.

When you read,  you are standing on the shoulders of other great minds. They enable us to reach deeper into this pool of wisdom.

It can even spark a different pathway and be the catalyst to snowball into something major. So, read away!

Photo by Tamarcus Brown on Unsplash

#16. Savor and Go Slow

If you run past by life too quickly, you cannot appreciate its splendor. Pay close attention to your life as you’re living it.

While you eat, focus on your meal. Instead of rushing through its paces to get it over with.

Eat slow for instance and savor each bite. Or stop to show gratitude for things you’ve overlooked.

Showing a much bigger appreciation will actually make practicing mindfulness that much sweeter.

#17. Communicate Kindly With Others

Sometimes we can hurt other people’s feelings without even knowing it.

That’s why it’s important to make a conscious effort to instill more empathy within ourselves. If we hurt people without knowing, it means we have work to do. Room for improvement is awaiting us.

Conversely, how many times has your feelings been hurt and the person saying it to you didn’t even care?

If you put yourself in other’s shoes to try to see what it’s like to be in their place, you’ll develop some “Compassion Muscle”. Make this a weekly habit and you’ll see through other people’s eyes instead of your own. Then you can adjust how you speak to them and gain a deeper understanding than ever before.

Connect Today with Someone Who is Positive, Inspiring, and Encouraging

You may say to yourself that you feel so alone.

There’s a simple remedy. Connect with a co-worker on subjects you’re passionate about. Have a heart-to-heart talk with a family or friend. Plan game night with folks close to you.

It’s easy to get caught up with laptops and cell phones. But to engage with someone physically there is even better. You’ve got to start somewhere.

Relationships can branch out through other people. It can be limitless if you allow it to.

Invest in your most fulfilling relationships

Love your close friends and family members. Now is the time to make no more excuses. Spend more quality time.

You are your family and your family is you. Develop your bond with them and you strengthen your bonds.

Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash

#18. Learn at least One Way to Relax and Calm Down

Spend 10 minutes working on a favorite stress-management technique. Whatever it is. Is it taking 5 minutes for meditation. Or just a deep breathing session.

Or a stretching exercise? Perform Meditation. Seriously find a way to sit by yourself with no distractions.

No phone, No tv, no internet. No nothing.

Just you and only you emptying your mind.

Regularly make time for rest and relaxation

Take naps when you need it especially around the 3pm time slot.

Treat yourself to a massage or spa treatment.

Soak in Epsom salt baths for a bit when you need to release tension.

Rest and relaxation are important so your soul can breathe.

Establish a Nighttime Routine for a Healthy Dose of Sleep — Invest in your sleep

This one is a no-brainer yet we watch TV or stay on our cell phones or computers all day long.

Sleeping is an investment in health. Your body needs to recharge.

Can’t sleep? Find a tea that’ll relax you in time for bed. Or put all electronics away well ahead of sleep time to give your brain some time to adjust.

Please don’t run on fumes or redline your body. Respect it.

Get Outside In Nature

Touch a tree or walk on grass. When we distance ourselves from nature, we are weakening ourselves.

We are meant to be around nature. Take that away and your taking part of your soul from you.

There’s prana in the air, in the ground, and from the sun. Don’t deprive yourself of what your body needs.

#19. Explore Your Faith

Spend quality time in prayer, read more about your faith.

Go to church. Or pray in place.

Be around like-minded individuals.

I know, whichever your faith or if you don’t have a religion but have a sense of spirituality, then go with that.

I believe there is indeed a higher power out there guiding us somehow.

The ability to surrender and take life as it comes no matter the outcome, removes all the strain and stress of feeling like everything hinges on just us.

#20. Practice Not Buying What You Don’t Need

Practice detaching from material items. You don’t need them to be happy.

Materialism can be an enemy. Especially if you let it dictate your level of happiness.

Or use it to affect your mood. If it does, gently guide yourself away from such a notion.

It really does nothing except increase your threshold for unnecessary stuff. If you are obtaining material objects to make you happy or fulfilled, you are temporarily filling a void.

You’ll end up feeling empty yet again. Never being able to satisfy yourself. Want to truly fulfil your inner spirit?

Materials are not the answer. You don’t need such clutter.

Look inward instead of outward.

Let go of non-essential items, increase your gratitude for the real things you already have like love. Truly ask yourself if you can feel authentic happiness without commercially manufactured items.

#21. Take a Small Step out of Your Comfort Zone Every Day

Stretch it out a little bit at a time. Give yourself some grace and take small steps.

Find something that you need to do but really don’t like doing. But it has to be something that will help you in the long run.

Do a little bit just to get your feet wet. If you’re feeling uncomfortable at any time, it means you’re on the right path and you’re doing just fine.

It’s normal to feel out of place. Once you’ve mastered that small step, then take a little bigger bite and get comfortable.

Do this over and over until you’ve conquered one thing.

Know you have the power to do anything. It’s that simple and you’ll feel empowered knowing you can accomplish whatever needs to be tackled.

And not run away from it.

Photo by Cristian Palmer on Unsplash

Pursue New Unfamiliar Interests

Maybe you don’t know what you want. Or got other stuff you wanted to do but put it on the backburner?

Learn a new language. Learn an instrument that you’ve been putting off.

It’s never too late. If you started a year ago, guess how amazing you would be right this very moment. Challenge yourself. Believe in your abilities.

#22. Reacting vs Observing

Every single day we always “react” to something. Something is always irritating us or affecting us. But here’s the problem.

When will we ever just stop reacting for a few minutes a day and give your mind a rest.

It’s just like losing yourself in the moment when viewing a movie. You are NOT a character in that fictional situation even though you may be experiencing the emotions.

When you’re out of the theater, you can let those emotions go. You don’t necessarily cling on to them 24/7.

Well, in real life, you should do the same.

It’s best to practice being “non-reactive” in a stressful situation. Why? you ask. Because you are demonstrating calmness and control. YOU control YOU. The circumstances around us don’t control you.

Practice this, even for a few seconds and work your way to a longer non-reactive state.

We never really just “get out of the way” and see it from a third party perspective. Meaning we don’t give ourselves a break from reacting all the time.

If you practice NOT reacting and just “observe” things from a distance, you’ll be removing one’s self from the situation. You’ll be more level-headed and quite zen-like in the process.

And you won’t ruin your whole day all the time simply because you’re unable to control your emotions.

#23. Find the Lesson in Everything

Whatever the situation, there is a truly powerful and loving message being delivered to you.

It might seem that the experience itself feels quite harsh, but if we look between the lines, we potentially have something in our grasp to learn. Without this happening, we probably won’t have anything to add to our Wisdom memory banks.

Life will always enrich us with lessons that we can extract from our challenges. If it’s a loss of someone or something or a big unexpected change that really makes you tremble, you can choose to see the good in it. Everything in life comes to us for a purpose.

So what could it be that you might have to learn? Admitting to yourself that one has an obstacle to overcome will open up the ability to see what the message is bestowed upon you.

Find the courage to be calm and face your fears. To venture into any problem and find out what you can do to grow from it.

Deflecting will make us weaker. But by embracing, you will become stronger.

Seek an Opportunity to Grow in a Major Setback

Adversities,or severe challenges in your life is your “life workout” so to speak.

With pain comes growth.

Stop Asking “Why Me?” and Be One With What Is

Display acceptance and love unconditionally, no matter the outcome is key.

When you realize you cannot control everything-That every obstacle or major setback is a blessing in disguise.

When things are dragging you back, it’ll actually launch into something better.

There is always a bright discovery to be made somewhere in the darkness.

#24. Let Go of Your Anger

Let go of anything that is not serving you in the highest good.

This includes sour relationships, shattered friendships, a job you absolutely loathe, self-destructive habits…get rid of all that is holding you back.

Remember this tidbit. It will all pass.

Replace toxic people with good people; replace destructive habits with good habits.

Forgive yourself for past self-perceived wrongdoings

All of us have done something or said something that hurt someone else.

Things that we regret doing. What’s very important for you to understand is that it’s a lesson. I’m not saying hurt people on purpose.

What I am saying is there are paths we take we are not proud of. If that’s the case, accept the fact that we stumble in life and that you can forgive yourself.

So stop asking, “Why am I not good enough?” Know you are enough and find love within yourself and be at peace for being human.

Forgive Others

You’re not condoning their behavior when you forgive other people, you’re simply giving yourself permission to let go and move on.

You’re also learning to love people who’ve wronged you by letting go.

A tough step? Yes, but take the time to walk this path and you’ll discover how much spiritual growth you can achieve. You’ve got to set yourself free.

Remember forgiving others is medicine we give ourselves. It’s time to self-heal on the inside.

Let Go of Your Mistakes

Mistakes happen. To everyone.

No matter what you look like, who you are, what you do for a living, you’ve made mistakes. We all have and it sucks. I look back on some of my mistakes and literally cringe.

But you know what? They’re stepping stones. It doesn’t do any good focussing on those stumbling blocks. But rather what you’ve done to rise above them.

Take what you can from them, learn from them, and then move onwards and upwards.

But most importantly: Accept and surrender to it (what’s done is done), love yourself, and then move on and forward. ONLY YOU can let go. No one else can do that for you.

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#25. Observe Happy People’s Experiences

You’re not judging other folks. You’re merely enjoying other people enjoying themselves. It always doesn’t have to be you or a close family or friend loving life.

Yes, you bet, it could be a complete stranger. When you are happy for others’ happiness you are exercising your gratitude muscle.

Don’t knock it until you try it. The moment you instill empathy into your daily life, there would be no judging of others.

You’d no longer have to rely on patience. Because now you’re understanding them from the other person’s point of view.

#26. Approach Everything with Kindness and Curiosity

Look at things from a child’s point of view. Don’t always take things too seriously all the time.

Don’t always be too mature or too grown up in life. It’s nice to enjoy the small intriguing stuff.

Like your kid’s drawings or maybe their toy models.

We have to give our neocortex brain a rest and just enjoy anything novel for what they are.

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#27. Celebrate your past.

Cherish the beautiful and wonderful events that have transpired in your life. As well as the not-so-good times too.

Even if your past isn’t all flowers and roses. Because you see, EVERYTHING has a purpose.

Even the bad chapters in your book of life has taught you how to be the incredible person you are today.

#28. Spoil Yourself a Little Bit with Experiences

Sometimes, it’s that trip to Spain you’ve been dreaming about. Or that restaurant you always wanted to go to.

However, things like this should be done sparingly.

All the more would you be more appreciative of the gestures you give yourself.

But remember, a tiny little bit goes a long way.

#29. Live In The Moment

You should go to sleep empty as well as wake up empty in the morning. Huh? what do I mean?

I’m not talking about food. I’m talking about your thoughts.

Don’t worry about the future and bring that with you to bed. Also don’t rehash the negative past and bring that with you to bed either.

The ONLY thing you have control of is in NOW. If you really think about it, we create our own stresses out of thin air.

If you bring worrying with you to bed at night, you’ll store that with you. I guarantee you it will start to incubate inside you and make you feel both emotional and some sort of physical pain.

You don’t have to create more obstacles for yourself.

You need to figure out what you can do in the moment. FOCUS on the NOW.

Become More Mindful

Find balance in mindfulness. Simply put, mindfulness is a mental state achieved by focusing your awareness on the present moment while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings and thoughts.

Here’s the wonderful part. Put your awareness on your target and you can anticipate or manifest the outcome.

#30. See What Energy Healing Is All About

Yes seriously. Nope it ain’t no joke either. You may have never heard this before but it’s true! I know, it sounds crazy but it’s not.

Until you actually realize we are more than the physical.

Give it an honest try. Don’t go into it thinking it won’t work because that’s exactly what you’ll manifest.

Your mind is one of the most powerful assets we have. We can either condition it as restricted to what we can’t do or you can open it up to something extraordinary that’s been dormant inside you your whole lifetime. It’s really up to you.

It’s truly one of those things you’ve got to experience.

There’s different methods like hands-on healing or no-touch healing, chakra healing, and others too numerous to mention.

You’ll realize the power to help others or yourself energetically has been with you all along.

No one can convince you of its true power, but only yourself.

Just take a quick look and see if this might be something for you.

No More Excuses — Love Yourself Now

Well there you have it. You can pick and choose what feels right and fits you.

I hope you consider picking any of these points and implement them in your life.

If you’re feeling down, that’s your queue for action. Right…Now.

No matter what low point you are at right this very moment, take a step — any step. In fact take a small baby step. Just make it a point to do SOMETHING everyday.

Compounded over time, even for a few weeks, you will have done more for yourself than people would accomplish over a few years.

Your soul will feel replenished. And your physical body will follow suit. Your thoughts bring energy to wherever you place and focus your awareness.

One thing’s for sure, you’ll attract more positive people, be more of a role model toward others, send out positive vibes to strangers in a room and affect their attitudes for the better and they won’t even know why!

You’ll know now what it feels to be whole again.

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